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Among the qualities that make Oakmore a great place to live are the neighbors who participate in the community. The Oakmore Homes Association relies on the contributions of valuable time and skills from members and non-members alike. In addition to the volunteers who are currently on the board of directors, the Association would like to acknowledge the following friends who have provided support above and beyond the call of duty.

Please contact us to suggest ways that we can work together to make the neighborhood even better. Together we are greater than the sum of our parts. Please send us an e-mail with your areas of interest to: oakmorehomes@yahoo.com.

Bev Thomason
Former Board Director, part time OHA welcome wagon, holiday lighting volunteer and Woodminster Theater booster.

Virginia Lew
Former director of many years, tireless writer and editor for the newsletters and website, and neighborhood champion who got Oakmore on the list for undergrounding and kept the pressure up to get its public stairs rehabilitated.

Kurt Lavenson
Architect and former board president who helped design this website and the history book as well as publicizing the stairs rehab project and monitoring the Leimert Bridge retrofit.

Liliana Barbieri 
Designer and producer of the "A-frame" signs that are placed around the neignborhood to announce our events.

Ted Garrett
Gracious host of the stair rehab celebration party and perennial supporter of OHA events and operations.

Gabe Dib
Proprietor of Rocky’s Market and our partner in the community bulletin board. If you enjoy having a neighborhood market (we sure do) then shop there often. Visit Dan the meat man too.

Jonathan Klein
Attorney and neighbor who generously provides wise council.

Bob De Silva and Sara Holman
of De Silva and Holman Accountants, advisors and keepers of the records.

Jayne Hofer
a.k.a. Skyline Design, the charitable and talented webmistress of our website.

Bill McGee
Marketing and advertising guy who is helping us maintain the OHA website and manage the email program to deliver timely announcements to your inbox.

Wells & Bennett Real Estate
Who generously share their office for our public meetings.

Star Inspection
Who has generously provided space for OHA archive and files.

Oakland Heritage Alliance
Promoters of Oakland's historical assets, co-sponsors of the Oakmore House Tour and Leimert Bridge Plaque in 2002, and Preservation Award presenters for the Oakmore Stairs Rehabilitation project in 2004.

And You?
Please send us an email and let us know how you might like to get involved.

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